5 Photography Prompts: Portraits

Laughter Seeing someone’s face lit up with laughter immediately evokes an emotive response. We’re wondering what they’re laughing at or why they appear so happy, and when the photo captures their eyes in just the […]

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Tips for Your Holiday Snaps

Summertime means days out, (mostly) sunny weekends and, of course, holiday photos. Photos are often the most important mementos we bring back from holiday, so why wouldn’t we want them to be perfect? Here are […]

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Capturing An Atmosphere

Christmas, weddings, family get-togethers… any amateur or professional photographer knows that occasions like these call for photos as good as the day itself. It’s easy as a photographer to blend into the background and photograph […]

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5 Ideas to Liven Up Your Photos

Sometimes the concept of a photo is good, the execution is fine, but the photo just isn’t that great. As a photographer or a photography lover you can immediately tell when an image is missing […]

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Hello Photography World!

Capturing the most important moments in life is where this all started. Before cameras, kit and lighting are memories and people that make memories, because without that we would have no family photo albums to […]

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