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Telling Stories

Photography is a visual medium, but that doesn’t mean it’s limited in terms of the stories it can tell. A photo is a small snapshot of a moment, which can often leave room for more […]

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Improving Your Street Photography

The beauty of street photography is that it is an ever-changing landscape and created endless opportunity for photography. Here are a few ideas to get the most out of a street photography session. Find Your […]

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Capturing Movement

Capturing movement will make your photos more dynamic, more exciting and altogether more interesting; giving the eye something to follow can stop an image seeming static and bring it to life. Movement can be found […]

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City Photography – 4 Things to Keep in Mind

Weather A pleasant, sunny Summer’s afternoon is pleasing to the eye and enjoyed by everyone… and is also plastered on postcards around the country. For every significant spot in the city there is an unusually […]

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3 Architecture Photography Prompts

Something Old, Something New Modern cities are made of layers and layers of different styles of architecture. This can be either a dream or a nightmare for photographers –an awkwardly modern or unusually old building […]

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3 Ways to Use Reflections

Reflections are a useful and stylish way to bring more depth to a photo, and most often crop up in the form of mirrors, puddles and windows. But there are many more ways to use […]

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Still Life Photography

Still life doesn’t have to be boring and uneventful, and it certainly doesn’t mean photographing a dusty bowl of fruit over and over again. We’ve put together a few points to think about when you’re […]

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5 Family Photography Tips

Most of us got started because we wanted to capture the most important moments in life, and so family photography becomes a natural place to start. Use a photography session as quality time. Whether you’re […]

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When Lighting Makes or Breaks a Photo

When lighting is unintentionally strong it can overpower a photo and make the subject appear washed out. This is a problem that can sneak into all types of photography; landscapes suddenly appear uncomfortably bright or […]

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4 Ways to Take Better Phone Photos

Phones are smaller, more portable and take up far less room in your luggage than a bulky camera, so it only makes sense that a camera phone should be a holiday staple. With that in […]

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