4 Ways to Take Better Phone Photos

4 Ways to Take Better Phone Photos

Phones are smaller, more portable and take up far less room in your luggage than a bulky camera, so it only makes sense that a camera phone should be a holiday staple. With that in mind, here are a few tips to improve your camera phone photos and end up with quality holiday shots.

Timers and Tripods

Keeping a steady hand is key when it comes to taking a clear shot on a phone camera, but there’s no real need to worry about staying perfectly still when we have gadgets that stay still for us. Investing in a small tripod may be exactly what you need to improve the clarity of your phone photos and videos. Equally, if you’re in the photo using the timer option can give you a chance to find the perfect position for the picture and join it in the nick of time – say goodbye to shaky selfies!

Quantity Leads to Quality

Most people discover Burst Shots on their phone purely by accident – hold your finger down just a few seconds too long and you’ll end up with 20 photos instead of one. If you haven’t discovered it yet, this function can work to your advantage, allowing you to flick through multiple versions of the same photo and settle on the one where the angle is just right.

Avoid Zoom

Modern day professional cameras are experts at capturing a close-up photo from afar, but try this with a phone camera and you’re likely to sacrifice much of the photo’s quality. Rather than zooming in on a blurry subject, get up close with your camera and keep the quality. The portable nature of modern mobile phones means it’s ten times easier to reach those close or difficult angles that a larger camera might not be able to get to.


There’s absolutely no reason professional photography techniques can’t apply to your holiday snaps. Taking the time to frame and angle your photos allows you to take shots that are just as effective on a phone as a professional camera. Remember tips such as the Rule of Thirds and plan your composition so that it’s pleasing to the eye rather than a rushed snapshot by placing the subject or landscape in thirds across the frame – maybe the ocean takes up the lower third, or a boat on the water has travelled a third of the way across your photo.

So pack light for your travels, remember these tips and come back with stunning camera phone snapshots that will take pride of place in the holiday album!

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