5 Family Photography Tips

Most of us got started because we wanted to capture the most important moments in life, and so family photography becomes a natural place to start.

Use a photography session as quality time.

Whether you’re photographing one person’s self portrait or a busy Christmas gathering, photographing family can simply be an interesting way of spending time with them. There’s no need to try to make someone force a smile if you’re already chatting and laughing together, so the photos will appear much more natural and less rehearsed.

If you’re worried about losing the moment…

Take your pictures ahead of time. Photos of a big event, such as a graduation or the first day of school, can sometimes cause us to fixate on getting the perfect snapshot rather than enjoying the moment. Taking photos before the big day will undoubtedly take some of the pressure off and let you focus on what’s important.

Don’t let worrying about the perfect photo ruin your photo.

As with the previous tip, fixating on getting the perfect picture can sometimes have the opposite result. Taking snap after snap of people in the same pose or telling them that they’re just not positioned quite right can lead to impatience and fed-up faces. Instead, if something just isn’t working then throw the idea out the window and try something new – you can always come back to it later! Have them think of the own poses, or take a break altogether and try again when everyone is feeling refreshed.

Have someone do something unexpected.

Sometimes big smiles are not the only thing we want from a photo – a natural, more spontaneous element can make the moment feel much more real. If the photo is of adults and children, have the kids jump into the air when you give them a signal and capture the surprised faces of the adults and the laughter that comes afterwards.

Communicate well.

This one almost goes without saying, you don’t know what your family want from the photos and they don’t know what you’re trying to achieve then you may end up going round in circles with no satisfying end result. Talking beforehand about what everyone wants to get out of the session and considering what your main objectives are will make it easier to get the perfect end product.

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