3 Ways to Use Reflections

3 Ways to Use Reflections

Reflections are a useful and stylish way to bring more depth to a photo, and most often crop up in the form of mirrors, puddles and windows. But there are many more ways to use reflections, so here are a few ideas to get creative with.

Nicole Smee Photography Dove Stone Reservoir
Credit: Nicole Smee


Reflective surfaces can easily be found all around your home, so there’s no need invest in expensive equipment to add another dimension to your photos! Smooth kitchen counters, fridge doors, polished floors, and of course mirrors are all likely to be hanging around somewhere.

Use polished floors to bring more depth to your photos. The smallest object can take up much more of a photo if it’s reflected across another surface, and this only allows for more experimentation with your photography. Take the opportunity to shoot from unusual angles, such as resting your camera on the floor or shooting from high above.

Nicole Smee Photography Castleford Canal
Credit: Nicole Smee

Natural Light

If you’re shooting outside, sunlight can affect the quality of your reflections depending on whether it’s low evening light or beaming midday sun. Depending on the effect you’re going for, time your photography to the sun’s position in the sky and get the best out of your session.

Of course, lack of sun can change a photo too, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Reflections can be created by rain and wind, and a cloudy sky may add more depth and atmosphere to your composition.


Light reflections from a screen can be an interesting way of incorporating modern technology into photography. They can light up a face or background in an eerie blue glow, or even serve as the main subject of a photo. Play around with their positioning and see the effect they have on your composition. Maybe the glow is used to reflect someone’s eyes or highlight a part of your photo that would have otherwise stayed hidden.

Look beyond mirrors and windows to find more unusual ways to use reflections in your everyday life!

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