City Photography – 4 Things to Keep in Mind
New York City Black and White

City Photography – 4 Things to Keep in Mind


A pleasant, sunny Summer’s afternoon is pleasing to the eye and enjoyed by everyone… and is also plastered on postcards around the country. For every significant spot in the city there is an unusually sunny photograph to go with it, so break the mould.

The reflections and patterns that come with rain, or trees being twisted by the wind make a far more interesting image than quaint sunshine and can add the atmosphere your photo would otherwise have lacked. There’s a reason stories often begin on a dark and stormy night.

Light and Shadow

The time of day can greatly impact the appearance of your photos, especially if they’re taken up by city skyscrapers. The bright midday sun could be just what your photo needs, but can also do away with any shadows and the interesting shapes they create.

History and Artifacts

Pay close attention to the places you photograph – they may have more significance than you realise. Taking into account the parts of history that may have been left behind somewhere can give your photo more meaning than simply being a snap of a street. Planning in advance and making sure you don’t miss the meaning of the places you go will keep you ahead of the game.


Large open spaces and towering buildings are seen much more easily by the eye than through a camera lens, so why try and achieve perfection when there are much more interesting ways to see the world? Rather than trying to squeeze entire clock towers into a frame, why not embrace the distorted way they appear in your photos? Experiment with new angles, take photos from above or below or create a montage of its defining features.

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